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I was teaching a live webinar on Sales and premium programmes and half way through one of the slides, my body just let out this yawn.. as if to say “I am so done with this message, can we please do something else”… and that’s the killer right? You’re probably great at many things. In fact, one of my coaches told me “Sales is your gift..” that’s your niche.. I took the advice.. Maybe she was right. She was referring to the fact that I was up at 5am for the live calls. But then again I’m such a keen as a bunny student that if I’m a student of anything.. I commit wholeheartedly to the work..



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The Story

I kept looking outside myself for validation. I went to yet another coaching circle to network and when That coach told me “you can’t sell sales coaching to coaches..” I believed her! And changed my niche Again! That was shortlived.. when it came my turn to “pitch” my business to a panel of judges to assess the robustness of my busines idea.. I literally couldn’t breathe! My body had a knack for speaking to me when I made choices that were out of alignment for me. I heard the siren : ) I felt truth deeply in bones. and could tell when I wasn’t on track. So I finally chose my original idea.. I did divert and sold sales coaching to a fitness studio. But that was shortlived. I went on a 7 year journey of teaching healers how to develop and sell their own premium level programmes so they could had the space and income to focus on other passion projects that called to them, like writing their book or developing their body of work. My clients did really well financially in the programmes they launched. Until that moment when I knew that journey had taken its course.


The Struggle

You’d think that life would wrap things up in a pretty bow and you could have a stunning finale like Oprah wrapping up her career right ? Hmm.. except it doesn’t work like that.


Transitions can be particular sticky.

You could have questions like.. How do I know this is really over..

Maybe it’s the feelings of just not feeling passionate or lit up by your work.

Feeling burned out and unfulfilled?

A feeling of something else on the horizon.


Except you can’t see the new thing quite clearly. It hasn’t revealed itself to you, or you would create it already. You’re a smart woman.. but why is it so hard?


Well #1 reason – sunk cost. You put ALL this effort into building this career right? All that time, money, effort into this path and now you want to wrap it up? You don’t even feel like you reached the top of your game here..


But you never hear an Autumn leaf ever complain about how it spent months harnessing the sun’s light and nutrients from the soil to grow and then complain that it’s time to go, right? It just knows it’s time.


And yet, we as humans.. have a such a hard time LETTING GO! The grief that we can feel in letting go of something that has reached its course.. we don’t have the same trust that nature has.. that in the Winter.. new dreams will be birthed and in the Spring, these dreams will develop into new life..


The Solution

Our job is to plant those seeds into the Vision of our consciousness and take the time to dream and envision what we’d like this new garden to look like.. We’ve got to be okay with the temporary emptiness.. The storms, fires, whatever came before to strip the old growth.. make room for new opportunities. We literally need to do a conscious burn of the excess growth. Trim things back and see what grows back with more vitality n life so we can start to see a new landscape – teeming with life.


And for us women especially, this happens when we can hear our own voices reflecting Truth back to ourselves. With other women being our mirror. The mirror doesn’t overinflate your ego or over exaggerate your flaws. It just gives you an exact representation of “this is me.” This is medicine for our soul. With compassionate witnesses and a strong intention and prayer to find the gold where you are.. the new visions Do reveal themselves.. in God’s time.. and when the vision does come… Guess what my love.. you can soo hit your stride because you’re poised and ready to hit the accelerator and say Yes to those opportunities that magically align with the dreams you’ve been planting : ) It’s soo cool when this happens. I literally do happy dances when this happens and I get excited texts from clients having landed the job, contract ,client .. it happens every single time.. : ) like Magic.. or is it : ) It’s definitely a beautiful combo of ingredients and an energy of love and acceptance and healing – taking your place in this circle of life to do Your part.. with God’s power working through you.. attracting the people, opportunities that align with the new vision.

This is how I came to be doing the work I do now. Following the process above. I didn’t do it alone.


There was a call out to God for help. Then recognising the help when it came.. it always comes in the form of an opportunity.. that you need to grow into, to accept the help.


You either let go of your squeemish-ness to accept the help.

Or you need to put aside your walls and shields that you put up to protect you from getting hurt and accept the help.

I put myself in circles of coaching support where I could have truth reflected back to me..

But this time.. my small tweak.. was to always have time afterwards to let it land and spend time with my heart and God to see how the advice lands in my body.


If there’s discomfort or uneasiness, I take the time to sit even more with my heart without over-riding it with someone else’s voice.


When my heart gives me the green light.. I then know I’m ready to take action. I am in deep relationship with it.


And the action that proceeds is filled with love and aliveness because i am “wholeheartedly” In it. I have a relationship with the Vision. The action steps. Each action step is a quality action. It’s filled with a certain something that people can feel.


It takes practice to get to this place..


Here’s what it looks like. You learn a little, you watch a little, you do a little. Just like our babies learn how to walk. Take a step, get feedback, go at it again. Until you start to see this flywheel effect and things have been progressing and your vision starts to grow some legs and your new career has some momentum to it. And I will be there to cheer you on : )


You get an immersive experience of deep diving into all the places you need to seek alignment. and then once you’ve got the map and the vision, you’re invited to come journey with us every month to be supported as you create your life anew.


This is why I created a membership style group coaching element after the immersion where you have access to me and the other amazing ladies who are on this journey with you.


Say good-bye to being isolated or never being able to have a conversation with other women who get it.




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