Why is it so hard to just do what you wanna do in life?



A friend and I were discussing the other day, how come it’s easier to follow your own path when you’re outside of the herd – a bit more distant from your cultural norms than when you’re living in a society where you tend to just go with “what will people think?”


Eg I’m from Sri Lanka but been living in Aus since I was 18.  My friend n past client – also Lankan, now resides in the UK.


We were discussing that distance from “group think” tends to make it easier to step into a line of work you want to pursue or what you want to do with your time.


If you’re having a hard time prioritising the things you actually want bcos you’re being persuaded by the people around you, this post is for you.


When you have developed an inner ear to hearing your own voice inside your heart, you can  still enjoy having people around you. But their strong, perhaps judgemental opinions can be viewed as “just a different perspective than mine”.. and be left at that. You can be close in proximity to people but have some social 😉 distance at the same time.


Which means > Enjoy the conversation for what it was.. brush it off and off you go with your sense of direction intact.


But what happens when we haven’t developed that strong relationship with ourselves and practiced listening to the truth in our heart?


Like tuning into the cadence with which your inner voice speaks, her sense of humour, that strong sense of ‘knowing’..


When we’re out of practice with tuning into our selves.. all the other voices around you are on high volume and you can’t discern Your TRUTH from the collective truth.


And that’s a hard place to be.. bcos it’s tiring. It’s time consuming making decisions.. bcos you end up setting up arguments between this side and that side..


Should you keep the job that you have bcos of the stability it provides? or

Should you take the leap into the unknown to pursue something you really wanna do?

You get caught up in pros n cons , hearing other people’s opinions about what you should do, that you end up not taking action at all bcos you feel confused n afraid.


AND often heart guidance will give you a completly different way through a problem that wasn’t so much black or white.. but taking into account past, future AND present n give you, your next right step. Always : )


N that’s why I love helping women learn to tune in to their heart guidance. No fancy equipment needed – Bring Curiosity n Tenderness n a deep commitment to hear TRUTH.

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