Nadhira Razack

Nadhira Razack


I help women in mid life whose priorities have shifted, yet have a hard time navigating what’s next.

Nadhira Razack helps big hearted, driven women who are frustrated and unfulfilled by their careers but don't quite know what next steps to take. She helps them let go of the dead-ends in their life and helps them discover and step into their life's work.

With more than 10 years under her belt in coaching, Nadhira mentors and teaches women how to tune into their intuition, identify their soul's biggest priority and create effortless personal and professional rituals to live out their unique calling in the world.

The Discover Your Life's Work Guide was developed by studying the path her private clients took to leave the dead-ends in their life and step into their life's work , where they found joy and fulfilment in making progress towards what they were put on this planet to do.